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  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR
  • Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR

Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR

579,00 €
Hängt vom jeweiligen Modell ab


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Team Corally Spark XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1/8 RTR

579,00 €
Hängt vom jeweiligen Modell ab
Fortgeschrittener Bastler
Höchstgeschwindigkeit km/h
Akku und Ladegerät
Nicht enthalten
Lipo 4S
Lipo 6S
Geeignetes Gelände
All terrain

Ready To Race - Battery and Charger are not included

ERC Recommendations:

  • Not for beginners
  • Suitable for All terrain
  • Splash-proof
  • Top speed about 110km/h (6S)
  • Required for operation: Battery & Charger & Batteries for controller

SPARK – The First True 1:8 Bash Buggy
Experience a revolution with the first true 1:8 scale buggy designed specifically for bashing – the Team Corally Spark XB6!

Get ready to push boundaries, conquer challenges, and experience the thrill of ultimate durability and outstanding performance. Customer feedback drives Team Corally’s innovation, and this model is the result.

The new Spark XB6 sets itself apart from other 1:8 scale buggies by focusing on one thing - bashing. With top-tier materials and impeccable craftsmanship, this basher's dream machine is engineered to conquer the most challenging terrains and obstacles you can throw at it.

Your Path, Your Control:
Choose your adventure with the Spark available in two versions - a hassle-free Ready-to-Run package (described here) and a Rolling Chassis option that allows you to personalize your choice of electronics. Both versions come in three eye-catching color combinations, featuring a matte black base complemented by striking Red, Green, or Blue accents.

Unleash the power:
The included Team Corally Torox 185A 4-6S ESC features LiPo battery protection in addition to other safety and performance options, while the Team Corally Kuron 2050kV 4-Pole Brushless Motor delivers impressive speed and torque. Precise steering control is delivered by the HV-7225 HV Metal-Gear Steering Servo. The comfortable CT2R 2.4GHz radio delivers a rock-solid radio link and adjustable features for driving convenience.

Attention to details:
The Spark boasts an array of features, from aluminum servo arms to a one-piece composite steering link, and a 3mm 7075 aluminum double-deck steering Ackermann system, this buggy is built for precision.

It comes equipped with separate, sealer electronic boxes with a transponder mount, an XL adjustable battery holder compatible with common LiPo batteries, and a full set of aerospace-quality sealed ball bearings.

Bulletproof drivetrain:
The Spark's drivetrain features a hardened steel spur gear, motor pinion, and sealed metal differentials filled with silicone oil. The aluminum/steel central differential, along with quick and easy differential access, offers unparalleled convenience and performance. With its aluminum adjustable motor mount, 46T steel central gear, hardened steel outdrives, and front CVD joints, the Spark is built for durability. Its oil-filled threaded 16mm aluminum Big Bore shocks, shock spring perches locking system, and CNC aluminum shock towers deliver exceptional handling and stability.

Bash proof Suspension:
The independent pivot ball front suspension and independent double wishbone rear suspension guarantee precise control over rough terrain, while the heavy-duty one-piece composite suspension links and tie rods ensure strength and durability. With a reinforced chassis, high downforce wing, and a central chassis reinforcement system, the Spark is ready for the most challenging bashing sessions. Join the revolution with the Team Corally Spark XB6 - the ultimate 1:8 scale basher's dream machine. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker and conquer any terrain with unmatched performance, durability, and style. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Ignite the Spark XB6, Conquer the terrain:
Team Corally’s Spark XB6 is the definition of 1/8 scale Bash Buggy excellence. We value our customers' input, and their feedback has played a vital role in shaping the Spark into one exceptional bash machine. Become a part of the family of passionate Team Corally Bashers! Get ready to push boundaries, conquer challenges, and experience the thrill of breathtaking performance.


  • Team Corally Torox 185 ESC 4-6S with LiPo protection
  • Team Corally Kuron 2050kV 4-Pole Brushless Motor 4-6S
  • CRHV-7225 HV Metal Gear, 25Kg Torque, Steering Servo
  • Team Corally CT2R Ergonomic, Interference-free 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Aluminium servo arm
  • One-Piece Composite Steering Link
  • 3mm 7075 aluminum double-deck steering Ackermann system
  • Separate splash-proof and dustproof electronic box with transponder mount
  • XL Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
  • Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
  • All transmission ball bearings are 8x16x5mm
  • Hardened steel spur gear and motor pinion
  • Three sealed metal differentials individually filled with silicone oil
  • Aluminum/Steel central differential
  • Quick + Easy diff access
  • 2-piece aluminium motor holder with composite gear cover
  • 46T Steel Central gear
  • Complete Hard Coated S2 steel outdrives
  • Extra Surface Hardened Steel front CVD joints
  • Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
  • Oil-filled threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
  • Shock spring perches locking system
  • Nylon composite shock cap protectors
  • CNC aluminium shock towers, 5mm Front and Rear
  • Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
  • Independent double wishbone rear suspension
  • Optimized, custom developed composite parts
  • Aluminium Pin and Pivot Ball Collars on Suspension Arms
  • HD front steering blocks and rear hubs
  • Thick 4mm Aluminium Suspension Pin Braces
  • Composite Suspension Braces protectors
  • Heavy-Duty one-piece composite suspension links and tie rods
  • Team Corally RSP anti-roll bar system, front + rear
  • 3mm Aluminium chassis plate
  • Reinforced chassis side guards with integrated body protection
  • Heavy Duty front Bumper
  • New Central Chassis reinforcement system with 3mm Aluminium Plate
  • Reinforced High Downforce Wing + Wing Holder with tower connecting brace
  • Pre-glued high-speed XL Buggy Tires on black 6-spoke nylon rims
  • Sturdy, elaborately printed polycarbonate body
  • Composite body mount protectors
  • Wide assortment of tuning parts available for individual customization


  • Lenght: 495mm
  • Height: 175mm
  • Wheelbase: 327mm
  • Front/Rear Track: 308mm
  • Ground Clearance: 58mm
  • Battery Compartment: 161x51mm

Required items:

  • 3-6S battery with XT90-connector
  • Charger
  • LiPo bag
  • Four (type AA) batteries

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579,00 €

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